Laundry – A Reason For Break Up?

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Often we heard about couples quarreling about their personal life, but do you know it might include the topic of doing laundry? Since they live in under the same roof and in the same room, it is natural that they will have arguments in this kind of matter.


Sometimes, too much workload on one person is bad. The same goes for house chores of couples. Most of the time, man generally think that it is the woman job to wash the dishes and clothes. All the house chores belong to the wife, and husband job is just to work and rest. This is the point where arguments are caused due to overload of chores. In such cases, both the partners are trying to point their fingers at each other and in doing so they are indirectly fighting.


“My shirts are not going to dry on its own, I need it by tomorrow!”

Arguing over a same thing repeatedly is, of course, pointless. But this is where one fifth of couples get stuck. Once you’re deeply engaged in the battle of whose turn it was to take out and hang the wet clothes from washer, it is hard to cool it down. No matter who “wins”, everyone loses in the end, and no laundry would get proper drying.

Dispute over cleaning issues in a household can be the final straw. House cleaning has been rated second most common reason for quarrels after financial issues. We all know how bad it would be to quarrel over money, how about the second worst?

Speaking of dreadful habits that a partner might have, bad cleaning habits is just a step away from the worst, which is bad hygiene. Pretty sure nobody would like to have their partner smells bad, or even not brushing up their teeth. Cleaning habits works the same, no person can stand of someone who is not even bother doing washing and cleaning.


As people aged, generally, their sense of responsibility also improves over time. Most of the older people tend to have a good cleaning habits compare to the younger people, which still having problem synchronizing their cleaning routine.


The child is considered to be a proof of love in a married couple’s life, but sometimes it is this little kid that become the reason for most of their disagreements. Truth is, children will only end up wearing a few outfits on a daily basis. They don’t like change, but they have high tendency to mess up their own clothes. In average, they would at least need to change their clothes three times a day, not including the one they use for playing outside.

Additionally, they function in a certain pattern. For them, clothing doesn’t belong to drawer or laundry basket, so it ends up on the floor. A garment on the floor is by definition dirty! So it is not weird if couples would struggle in this case.


Often, even the smallest matter create trouble between partners. In the case of married couples, laundry can be an important issue since both of them living in the same house and the same room. While woman for instance would want everything to be clean, neatly arranged and everything is in proper place, man might be different.

Most of the time, man would be much more carefree about this cleaning issues, and would leave their clothes scattered around the room. This could be the point where the argument starts, and the rest would be like usual daily quarrel.


It is unarguably true that women have a better tendency to excel in laundry better than men could. While there is up and down in between both gender, toleration between both parties is a must in order to resolve the problem at hand effectively. Laundry is not an easy chores, but with cooperation from both side, the task will go smoothly without needs to quarrel.

Laundry During Haze: How To Deal With It

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How much do you know about doing laundry during haze? Do you know that haze can bring negative effect not only to your health, but also to your laundry? Many people has no idea how dreadful it is to do laundry during hazy day, not only because there is barely any sunlight, but also the dust itself.

burnt smell

“Is there any problems drying my laundry during haze day?”

Unless you are fine with a strong burnt smell on your clothes, it is a big NO to hang your clothes outdoor during haze attack. Smoke particles will settle on your laundry, resulting in the burnt smell. Not only that, the small particles also tend to attract growth of bacteria, which can lead to allergy.

hanging clothes

“My laundry won’t dry if I hang them indoor, what to do?”

 Trust me, dryer machine is your best friend during the hazy day. This is the real lifesaver as you can easily dry your clothes in your home without exposing it to the outdoor haze.

close window haze

“Close the window please, its getting smelly here”

Do you know that haze can bring negative effect not only to your health, but also to your laundry? Many people has no idea how dreadful it is to do laundry during hazy day, not only because there is barely any sunlight, but also the dust itself.

fabric spray

“Spray Febreze lah, easy”

Febreze is your life saver when the haze hits, as it easily removes odors on clothes, or even your furniture. So just in case that you still find your clothes have a smoky smells even after being dried indoors, there is always Febreze to removes this odor.

6 Facts About Laundry Detergent

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Laundry detergent, or often referred as washing powder, is a type of cleaning agent that is added for cleaning laundry. From ancient times, chemical additives were used to facilitate the mechanical washing of clothing with water. The Italians used a mix of sulfur and water with charcoal to clean cloth. Egyptians added ashes and silicates to soften water. In our modern day, we utilize enzyme in laundry cleaning. But how much did you know the effects of laundry detergent brings in our daily life?


What Are The Biggest Laundry Dryer Mistakes That People Often Do

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Easiest way to dry up your clothes is by using the laundry dryer machine, but it is not always as simple as you thought it could be.

Learn about what kind of dryer mistakes that people make and how to overcome the problem.

Mistake #1 Overloading The Dryer


“Just drag everything from your washer into the machine lah..”

YES, you are advised to use dryer at full loads instead of drying only few clothes. BUT, be mindful that not to overload your dryer.

Always bear in mind to not overloading the dryer with extra loads, you might damage the dryer belt. Plus, too many clothes will make the whole drying process slower and might induce more wrinkles.

Mistake #2 Mixing Wet Clothing With Partially Dry Load

wet and dry clothes

“Aiyo, this shirt is still wet. Oh well, dry in one go also can ah”

This is a BIG NO, since mixing wet clothes with a partially dry load can confuse the moisture detector, resulting in over and under dried clothes.

Separate both of them before drying with the dryer, or you can also hang the wet clothes till it partially dry and dry them together in one go.

Mistake #3 Dump Clothes Straight Away From Washer Into Dryer

shake clothes

“I’m gonna pull out this lumps of wet clothing directly into dryer, easy”

It might seems a bit time consuming, but shaking out your garments as you draw them from the washer can help avert wrinkles and reduce the drying time.

Doing this will prevent them from staying in a wet ball, and you’ll be far less likely to end up with wet or damp clothes at the end of your laundry cycle.

Mistake #4 Keeping The Dryer Door Open

heat came out

“Just let it open, I’m going to put the next load after this”

AVOID doing this. Every time the door is opened, you’re letting out hot air to escapes which will increase time to the drying cycle.

To avoid heat loss, put the next load in before the dryer cools from the first load. That way the dryer does not have to heat back up again.

Mistake #5 Over Drying Clothes

take out and shake

“I’m gonna let the laundry dry inside the machine, will take them out later”

In order to avoid wrinkles, take out your clothes as soon as the drying process finished. Give them a shake, and fold or hang them up to avoid wrinkles.

Over-drying your clothes also sets in wrinkles and stiffen fabrics. Avoid doing it by setting the drying cycle to automatic so that the dryer will automatically turn off after its done.