Tired of waiting for your laundry?

Try Drop. Wash. Collect.

It’s Free! Yes, No Extra Charge!

It’s That Easy!



What can you expect from DobiQueen’s Drop Off & Pick Up?

  • We monitor your laundry when it is being washed
  • Your clothing is loosend up and separated before entering the dryer
  • We never wash or dry your laundry with anyone else’s.

All of us have a busy schedule. We are always short on time. Sometimes our busy daily routine prevents us from cleaning our laundry. DobiQueen’s Drop Off and Pick Up Laundry Services lets us handle the laundry for you! You drop off your laundry, we clean it then you pick it up after an hour. It’s that easy. Now you can enjoy a meaningful hour to grab a cup of coffee, meet up a friend or even get your groceries.

At dobiQueen we believe people should spend their time doing more productive things such as catching up with friends and family, reading a book for knowledge and learning up a new skill for future career prospects. Boring and tedious chores such as cleaning your laundry is definitely not a task worth spending time on.