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Door to Door Laundry Delivery Service

Call Us +6011 2781 1996

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Free Delivery*

Door to door laundry delivery services at no additional costs. Call us to book your delivery, then sit back, relax and let us handle your laundry.

Same Day / Rush Delivery

Order it today, get it done today! Just let us know that you need it today, and we will make sure it does.

Again, at no extra charge!*

Open Everyday

We are open 7 days a week to handle your laundry! You really just need to pick up the phone and Netflix all the way!

Our delivery services, Wash and Fold services is going to make your life super easy!

Step 1: Book your service

Book your service by calling us at +6011 2781 1996.

Step 2: Tell us what you need cleaned

Tell us what you need cleaned and we will tell you what the charges are.

Step 3: Pay, collect & we handle the rest

Make payment directly to our delivery rider, we will then collect your laundry at the same time and handle the rest.

You have better things to do – so let us help you

Amongst the chores that we hate the most includes, laundry, cleaning the kitchen and toilet, dishes, cleaning your house, taking out the garbage and so on. We think you get the gist here. There is a common theme here, no one likes spending their time cleaning.

That is where dobiQueen comes in. We can do it for you. Our Queenies can help you with your laundry! Not just your daily essentials, you can pass us your comforter (or toto ;)), curtains, bedsheets, soft toys and many more. While we handle your laundry, you can catch up with some personal time, spending quality time with your friends and family.