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Just like your favourite office shirts that requires proper attention in cleaning, washing workout gears also need more attention in the laundry process. Most of the times, people paid a lot of attention in searching for hi-performance workout attire with lots of beneficiary characteristics. However, very little pay attention on how to take care of them after their usage.

RIGHT – Air drying your shoes

air dry shoes

Instead of tossing your sport shoes directly into dryer machine, it is more recommended to air dry them. Dryer machine will ruin the fabric, as your shoes will keep on banging around in the dryer, makes you wonder whether your shoes can survive or not.
Also, dryer sheets will leave a residue on your clothing, where this residues will trap dirt and sweat in the pores of the fabric, causing bad odors and textures on the fabric.

RIGHT – Wash with cold water

cold wash

Most of the time, it is advisable to use warm or hot water to wash a really smelly clothes, only if they are cottons. But for this case, workout attire is made with performance fabrics, which are entirely different matter.
Generally, performance fabrics are recommended to be wash using a cold wash. With that in mind, it is important to use a detergent that is meant for a cold wash. Furthermore, cold wash cycle use less energy, hence it is a more eco-friendly choice.


RIGHT – Use powder detergent

detergent powder

Powder detergent is ideal for general wash-day loads. It is effective in lifting out everyday stains as well as ground-in dirt. Plus, powder detergent is more gentle yet effective in removing soil and dirt on the fabric surface without leaving behind residue, better than liquid detergent.

WRONG – Wash together with clothes that has zippers

zippers clothing

Zippers can rip or tear apart your performance fabric during the wash cycle, hence reducing the life of your sport apparel. Keep this in mind when washing workout gears by always washing them separately with the zippers, so you can keep your attire looks new and longer lasting.

WRONG – Washing together with towels


Towels, or any other rough fabric such as denims can rubs against your performance fabric in the wash. This action will cause ripping and fraying, which will also reduced the usability age of your workout gears. Extend your performance gears lifespan by washing them separately from towels and denims in the washer.

WRONG – Use fabric softener 

fabric softener

Many types of athletic wear have wicking technology to absorb sweat from your skin and keep you cool when you’re working out. If you use fabric softener on these garments, it’ll leave a coating that will prevent them from wicking.